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A museum opened in Hue, Vietnam, by Tran Dinh Son is displaying a collection of rare antiques which have been collected by him and his ancestors. The researcher opened the museum to the general public in April after many months of construction work. The collection boasts items from several dynasties, including the Ly which was in power from 1009 to 1225, and the recent Nguyen era which was 1802 to 1945.

Among the pieces visitors will spot are pipes, vases, lime-pots, flower drums, wine vessels, teapots, dishes and bowls. The rare items are made from various materials, with wood, silver, bronze and ceramic being used. The museum is located on land which previously belonged to the family of Son, and the main part of the museum is set out in the old ruong house while seminars will be held in another area of the house. Son now lives in Ho Chi Minh City, but still feels connected to the hometown of his ancestors. He is hoping that people will learn of the city’s past by visiting the museum. Son said:

“I worked hard to take back the house owned by my great-grandfather to display these items, so that the young generations and researchers can make use of them.”

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