22 Apr 2021
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Leicester Cathedral removed several huge antique oak seats so that the remains of King Richard III could be buried in the cathedral. They were sold to Cyril Naylor from Leicester who kept them in storage for 18 months but is now selling them.

The seats are expected to sell for between £2,000 and £4,000 each. The giant oak stalls were designed in 1927 by Sir Charles Nicholson, a renowned church architect who worked on over 50 churches, chapels and cathedrals.

For hundreds of years, the location of the body of Richard III was unknown, During the construction of a new car park in Leicester, human remains were found which subsequently were identified as those of Richard III following DNA tests.

The buyers of the seats will have acquired antiques with unique providence and history. They will need a large room for the seats as they are 12 foot high. Each stall is hand crafted from English oak and contains carved and pierced foliage decoration. One of the stalls contains the engraved words: “To The Glory of God.”

If your rooms are too small for the oak stalls, then you can find smaller seats or antique dining chairs in your local Lancashire antique shop. Lancashire antique dealers always have a fine selection of quality antiques available. The furniture may not have the distinction of coming from a cathedral or other sacred space, but fine antique furniture can improve and enhance any room in your home.

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