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March 11, 2014 - Filed under: Antique Cabinets,Antiques News — Harriet

A woman who recently purchased a book from a Florida charity shop had bought more than she expected when she discovered an old, unopened letter inside.

Sheila Polk is determined to return the note, which dates from World War II, to the intended recipient, as she believes it is a love letter.

It was posted in 1945 by Sargent Albert Alm, stationed in California. He was sending it to Helen Rothurmel, who was stationed in Dallas with an African American WACS unit.

The manuscript was discovered inside of a book purchased at a Goodwill store in Lakeland, Florida. Polk said that it remains sealed, as she wants to give the intended recipient the honour of opening it. Now working together with officials from the military, she added:

“Her life could have been changed from this one letter. You know, it is a personal sentimental thing. They do movies about lost love, and I’m thinking who knows what is in here that she has never seen? Who knows? I would love for her to get it.”

The postal service attempted to deliver the letter to Ms Rothurmel, but could not manage it. Occasionally, lost postage is discovered in old items or in pieces of furniture, like the drawers of antique bedside cabinets.

Preston has a number of reputable antiques dealers that may have vintage cabinets dating from the same period, so another mystery letter may be safely stored, waiting for its rightful owner to be traced.

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