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A Boise resident, who remains unnamed, was shocked to discover that an etching he had hanging on his living room wall was estimated to be worth around $250,000 (£151,000). The Edward Hopper etching is entitled The Cat Boat, painted in 1922.

Members of the Antiques Roadshow team were filming in Idaho, and were delighted to be presented with the etching. The owner had no idea that the painting was valuable until a friend commented that it may have been done by a well-known artist.

The picture had been hanging on the living room wall for years after being inherited from his grandfather, who was a member of the New York Society of Etchers. The appraiser on the TV show, Todd Weyman, informed the owner that he had an Edward Hopper etching that was one of possibly only 25 produced.

Hopper was mostly recognised for his oil paintings, but he also painted in watercolours and produced etchings that became popular in the 1920s. The artist’s signature is at the bottom of the picture, and looks as though the first attempt has been erased before being redone.

Even though the owner was shocked and delighted by the estimated value, he stated that it would be returned to its place on the wall.

For owners of similar etchings and paintings, it’s often the case that furniture from the same period offers the best display solution, particularly items like antique cabinets. Lancashire, here in the UK, has a number of reputable antique dealers with a range of storage solutions.

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