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The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors is better associated with property than antique dining tables , but in Cumbria and Lancashire the two have a strong connection. Many of the antique chests and Victorian dining chairs in Preston antique dealers originate from the realisation of someone’s estate. Even where property is not part of the auctioneer’s trade, the contents certainly are.

For this reason, many antique auctioneers are members of the RICS Arts and Antiques Professional Group, which aims to promote high professional standards as well as educate and inform its members. Notably, it also aims to promote the status of Chartered Arts and Antiques Surveyors, citing that those with this qualification offer the most professional and comprehensive service for:

“the valuation, purchase, sale and management of antiques and fine arts.”

However, some auctioneers feel their AAPG membership falls far short of their expectations. To address long-standing problems and meet the needs of its members, a new AAPG board, headed by Chris Ewbank, was founded last Autumn and an action plan forged. However, Ewbank claims his concerns were ignored by the RICS, who failed to act on any of the points raised. Now, following a recent volatile meeting and months of bitter dispute, the entire board has stepped down, demanding a satisfactory resolution. The RICS has responded by placing tenders for a new committee.

Many antique dealers in Preston lack RICS qualifications, yet nonetheless are highly skilled when it comes to valuing Victorian dining chairs or a rare antique chest. These Lancashire professionals would find the way barred if they sought RICS membership – just one of many points raised by the AAPG board.

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