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Buying a piece of antique furniture for investment purposes can be a risky business if you don’t know much about antiques. From watching programmes like Bargain Hunt for example, you can see that making any profit on purchases is not common and making a good profit is as rare as the proverbial hen’s teeth.

Buying antique furniture at auction may be an exciting way to go about it, but often investors can be enthusiastically swept along and end up paying too much for an item. Also some auction houses are not prepared to give any guarantee of authenticity on items so there is no redress if you pay too much. Buying from a specialist antique dealer on the other hand, usually means that a piece comes with guarantees of authenticity and quality.

Actually determining what is or is not an antique is not that straightforward either. This differs from country to country where in the past the United States for import duty purposes has declared that a piece should be older than 1830 to be considered antique and therefore imported free of charge, where Australia and South Africa have been happy with the 100 year rule. In this country there is still mixed opinion on what constitutes a real antique.

There is no doubt that many purists still regard good antique furniture as pre-Victorian. However attitudes are now changing somewhat and ‘early Victorian’ and good quality Victorian revivals and reproductions, and furniture from the Arts and Crafts Movement can be as good as anything produced by 18th century cabinet makers. However having a practical knowledge of wood, jointing and polishing will also help to satisfy that a piece is quality workmanship and thereby worth investment.

So if you are planning to invest in antique furniture, take time out to acquire some knowledge on the subject then find yourself a good antique dealer. When buying quality antique cabinets round Preston, Lancashire, local specialist antique dealers will be glad to help.

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