14 Jul 2020
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Winston Churchill’s cigar and hat were found in a rubbish dump by David Rose, who works at the dump. He brought them to be valued at the BBC One programme Antiques Roadshow.

The objects were accompanied by about 200 letters from Churchill’s cook to her son which described daily life in Churchill’s household. Rose explained:

“She used to write to her son every day about the daily goings of Winston Churchill, what he was getting up to, how he was feeling and just interesting stuff about him.”

The hat, cigar and a signed portrait of Churchill were given by him to his cook. Mark Smith an Antiques Roadshow expert said that the authenticity of items used or owned by Churchill is difficult to prove, but in this case, the letters showed that this was Churchill’s hat and cigar. He valued this Churchill collection at around £10,000.

David Rose would not divulge the rubbish dump’s lcoation but did say that these were not the first valuable items he has rescued from the site.

Objects used by famous people can add a lot of value to antiques. In 2017, a man bought a plain looking second-hand wardrobe and was stunned to discover that it once was located in Buckingham Palace where it was used by Queen Victoria. This association increased its value by a considerable amount. Beautiful looking antique wardrobes and other furniture not linked to famous people cost a lot less and are available from Lancashire Antique dealers.

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