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November 9, 2011 - Filed under: Antique Bookcases — David

A West Lancashire man who collects antiques firearms has received a two year jail sentence for not having the appropriate licences for four of his air rifles and ammunition. Karl Blennerhassett, aged 29 owns more than 140 guns, most of them antique, which were discovered during a police raid on his luxurious home.

Although Blennerhassett is the legal owner of the guns, four were discovered without the correct documentation, meaning that he didn’t legally own them. In 2008, a firearms licence held by Blennerhassett was withdrawn following a conviction for the failure to abide by the conditions. A jury found Blennerhassett guilty of possessing four modified air rifles without a licence and holding ammunition. According to Judge Mark Brown, the air rifles had been modified with telescopic sight and a sound moderator, making them particularly dangerous. Although the judge acknowledged he hadn’t carried out the modifications, he said that Blennerhassett would have realised that they had been modified.

In his summing up of the case, the judge referred to the case of Rhys Jones, who was killed four years previously. He said:

“One of the great tragedies on Merseyside involved an old firearm.”

Judge Brown stressed the importance of regulation of firearms to keep the public safe.

Although the antiques trade is subject to regulation, most items are not dangerous. A number of antiques dealers can help you source items of interest, including antique bookcases in the Lancashire area, which you can display in your home without fear of prosecution.

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