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August 22, 2013 - Filed under: Antique Bookcases — Richard

An auction recently held in Newcastle boasted a valuable collection of books, written by Ian Fleming. The set of novels about MI6 agent James Bond are in mint condition and attracted a large amount of interest. The rare collection also included two first editions – Octopussy and For Your Eyes Only.

According to the director of Village Auctions, Malcolm Barry, the books all had the original covers, originating from the 1950s and 1960s. He stated that you could smell the age when the books were opened.

The collection includes Dr No, Live and Let Die, You Only Live Twice, Thunderball, Diamonds Are Forever, Goldfinger, The Man With The Golden Gun and From Russia With Love. Barry pointed out that other items had attracted a lot of interest at the auction, including Toon Army memorabilia from the 1952 World Cup. Items signed by the team, including rosettes and press cuttings, were sold. Tynemouth Toy Museum was also selling some items, which included Noddy and Basil Brush toys. Items of antique furniture were also included in the sale.

Barry has been involved with the antiques trade for many years, and once owned his own antiques shop. People who visit and make a purchase at auction will pay more than at an antiques dealer, as a buyer’s premium is added to the price. Antiques dealers in Lancashire have a range of antique furniture – including antique cabinets, all at reasonable prices and with a tale to tell. An antique bookcase could be the perfect display unit for rare or valuable novels.

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