16 Apr 2021
June 8, 2010 - Filed under: Antiques News,History of Antiques — Richard

A recent article by Doris Sangeorzan in The New York Times, Great Homes and Destinations, showed the apartment of Ligia Valcu, a former Romanian judge who now fills her time restoring antique furniture.

The loft apartment for Ligia was a real find as many character buildings in Romania had been torn down to make way for apartment buildings. On purchasing the apartment, she opened it up by removing five dividing walls and painted the whole space white. She also found some quality pieces of antique furniture left behind, which she set about restoring.

Determined to furnish the entire apartment in antique furniture, she shopped locally for complementary pieces and found she was choosing items that had significance and added meaning to her life. She says:

‘This loft allowed me to influence its spirit with eclectic furniture. It has become a refuge from the mundane, a space I wanted to turn into something personal, an extroverted expression of an introverted person.’

Romania was almost culturally annihilated during the Ceauşescu era when many of the historic and religious buildings in Bucharest were demolished during the 1980’s as part of the urbanisation programme. Many character buildings would have been destroyed during this time. By buying and restoring both the apartment and local antique furniture she found, Ligia has managed to re-establish much of what was lost from her past.

Antique furniture always has a story to tell and often a genuine antique dealer will be able to provide you with an anecdote or two that will immediately bring the piece to life, whether you are seeking an antique dining table , chest or any other piece of antique furniture.  In Cumbria, Lancashire and throughout the UK, there should be a great selection to choose from.

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