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A four-poster bed that is believed to have belonged to Henry VII was abandoned in the car park of a Chester hotel.

Soon after it was found, the item was sold at auction for £2,200, described as a piece of Victorian furniture. However, it has now been valued at around £20m.

The bed had been dismantled before being left in the Chester Redlands Hotel car park. An antique furniture restorer bought the four-poster at auction and further examination revealed elaborate carvings, which led him to believe that it could have been from the Tudor period.

Further research that was carried out by the chief executive of World Monuments Fund Britain, Jonathan Foyle, indicated that the item probably belonged to King Henry VII and his wife Elizabeth. The royal couple may have even conceived their son, the future Henry VIII, upon it.

Foyle, along with other experts, consider this bed to be one of the most significant items of furniture in the country and possibly even one of the most important of royal artefacts. The four-poster has been traced to 1495 and is made from wood that was cut in Germany during the 1480s. Henry VIII is largely recognised for having had six wives and for being rather rotund.

Antique bedroom furniture can be purchased from reputable antiques dealers in Preston and, although it probably won’t have belonged to a Tudor king, it will be of high quality. The type of wood used to make the antique furniture will indicate the piece’s period, along with the method used to make the item.

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