16 Apr 2021
March 22, 2021 - Filed under: Selling Antiques — Richard

Thousands of items from the late Annie Marchant’s kitchenalia collection, which is worth £100,000, are now being sold.

The majority of antique furniture is bought for living rooms and bedrooms, but there are a growing number of collectors of “kitchenalia”, which are antiques associated with the kitchen. Marchant, from Wingham Canterbury, was an antique dealer who specialised in selling antique items for kitchens, along with dairy antiques. She also had a large private collection, which is now being sold for an estimated value of £100,000.

Among the items being sold are a Welsh dresser, wood shelving, food preparation tables and wooden chairs. Many of these items were originally kept in her kitchen. Marchant’s friend, Hugh Darrah, said in her obituary in the Guardian newspaper that:

“To enter the kitchen of Annie’s farmhouse home was to move into an older, timeless world; a better world, indeed, of scrubbed pine, old kitchen equipment glinting in the candlelight, a hunting dog.”

Darrah said that cats would be curled up on every surface, and that her home had no electricity or modern appliances. There wasn’t even a radio – only the sounds of a kettle and a clock.

However, if you’re interested in antiques, there’s no need to throw away your radio and microwave – you don’t have to turn your back on the modern world like Marchant to enjoy kitchenalia. You’ll find a selection of antique kitchen chairs, shelves, tables, dressers, chests and more at local Lancashire antique dealers.

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