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October 4, 2012 - Filed under: Antique Cabinets — Harriet

An auction house based in a historic Antebellum mansion is to host an auction of antique desks and other effects from two equally historic plantation estates.

To most Lancastrians, Aberdeen is a Scottish city somewhere to the north of Cumbria. To Americans, it’s a small town in Monroe County, Mississippi, home to around 5,600 folk and 200 historic buildings. One of these is the Adams-French Mansion, which was converted to an upmarket auction house in 2002. Each month, antique desks, Victorian dining chairs and myriad other items fall under the gavel, many of them previously owned by the grand families of America’s Old South.

The sale on 6th October is a particularly prestigious one, featuring the original furnishings of two magnificent mid-19th century plantation homes; the Twin Oaks Plantation House, Alabama, and the Lorman Plantation Mansion, Missouri. The contents of two other important Southern estates will also feature in the sale.

Like the auction house itself, the plantation mansions are Antebellum structures. Antebellum (from the Latin for pre-war) describes the neoclassical and Greek Revival architecture common in the Southern United States between the American Revolution and the American Civil War, typified by the mansions of plantation estates. Such grand homes needed equally grand furniture, and on 6th October the auction room will be crammed with Federal antique desks, Empire tester beds, late Victorian dining chairs and rococo antique chests.

For Cumbrian people wondering how plantation workers’ rooms were furnished, simple Arts & Crafts furniture and primitive domestic items are also featured, and Antique dealers in Lancashire often have Arts & Crafts furniture for sale.

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