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LAPADA is the largest association of art and antique dealers in the world and the organisation recently celebrated its 45th anniversary.

It celebrated reaching this milestone at the LAPADA Arts & Antiques Fair, which was held in London from September 13th to 18th.

A committee of tastemakers, academics and museum experts gave prizes to the best objects on sale at the Fair. The winner of the furniture category was a pair Coxed & Woster chests made circa 1719, featuring layered painting that gives a marble effect.

An antique dealer that displays the LAPADA symbol of a golden chandelier in its shop or on their website, shows that the dealer is knowledgeable, trustworthy and backed by LAPADA’s mediation, device and lobbying services.

The CEO of LAPADA, Freya Simms said that the antique trade faces many difficult issues, including the uncertainty over Brexit, the ban on ivory products, and competition from dubious online dealers. LAPADA has been lobbying the government about what it feels are too stringent new rules about ivory, where even a small amount of ivory in an antique item may be banned from sale.

Freya Simms said that large antique dealers may be able to cope with the bureaucracy of exporting to Europe after Britain leaves the EU, but 70% of LAPADA members are small dealers who may find it difficult to sell to Europe.

To buy antique settees, sofas, chests and more from Lancashire antique dealers you can trust, make sure that they are members of LAPADA.

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