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Lancashire residents have until June 3rd to vote for the 2011 Object of the Year, an annual competition run by LAPADA in association with Country Life Magazine. Although there are nine categories covering every era, the competition has been won by antique furniture since its inception in 2009. With 15 beautiful items in this category – 10 of them antique chests or antique desks – Preston dealers are confident 2011 will see the hat trick.

It was an antique desk which first stole the show in 2009. To be more precise, a magnificent Art Nouveau sculptural writing desk, which took the gold medal at the Paris Exposition of 1900. Displayed as the Grand Bureau Louis XV at the Paris show, it was a typically exaggerated 1890 Linke and Messagé Rococo Revival piece. It was entered for the LAPADA competition by a high-end dealer from Mayfair.

Last year was the turn of an equally rare and extravagant antique cabinet. Again entered by a London LAPADA dealer, it was a remarkable ebony and marquetry representation of Rheims Cathedral, constructed over 17 years by Friedrich Ludwig Hausburg (1817-1886), a British naturalised craftsman who was a favourite of Queen Victoria.

This year sees a distinct trend towards functional Gothic Revival pieces – a welcome change for voters in Cumbria and Preston. The five antique desks include an unusual antique oak pedestal desk , with walnut veneers, which has the pedestals set at an oblique angle, rather than in line with the top as is the norm.

Most good antique dealers are members of LAPADA or BADA – your guarantee that any antique oak pedestal desks bought will be of similar fine quality.

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