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An antiques store in Marblehead, Massachusetts, will be closing its doors after 114 years of trading. The contents will be sold during a Retirement Sale hosted by Kaminski Auctions from 4th to 8th December. Sacks’ Antiques was owned by Stan Sacks and has been a feature of Marblehead since 1899.

The sale will take place throughout the Marblehead Christmas Walk and includes all remaining items in the store. Although Stan is selling the shop, he will still be buying and selling items.

The store was originally opened by Stan’s grandfather, who named the shop ‘Marblehead Antique Exchange’. Since its opening in 1899, the establishment has faced many challenges to remain open, including Stan’s father, Abe, serving in World War I. As Marblehead developed and more stores opened, the company faced competition and changed its name to Sack’s Antiques. This name became famous among collectors and museums.

The store stayed within the family and gained fame as some of the furniture from the shop appeared in the movie Philadelphia Story, as well as box office hit Gone with the Wind. Stan was revered as a knowledgeable antiques dealer and a proud resident of Marblehead. According to locals, a sandwich was named after Stan at The Driftwood, a restaurant in the area.

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