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August 22, 2011 - Filed under: Antiques Advice — David

Lighting trends are constantly changing, with the recent trend for spotlights to be used with caution, according to Judith Graham of The Lighthouse Company. Trends are constantly changing, from sparkling chandeliers to standard lamps and of course, “the big light”. The trend moved from just one light in the centre of the room to spotlights in ceilings, which used more electricity and emitted lots of heat.

According to Judith Graham, the current trend is moving towards a simple look, with a homely feel. Mixing new lighting with old style lamps works well, with standard lamps making a timely comeback. There are a number of new standard lamps available, but it is also possible to renovate an old lamp, by painting the base and buying a new shade. Graham also advises that retro designs are making a come back, with styles from the sixties and seventies being especially popular. Antique shops usually have original styles available, which can be renovated or used as they are.

Chandeliers are still proving popular, being used in all rooms. Cut-glass chandeliers are a sound investment according to Graham, as they should hold their value well. Spend some time visiting antique shops to find an original cut-glass chandelier which will prove to be an investment in addition to decorating your home.

Used furniture like lamps, chandeliers or even antique dining chairs can be found in one of the many antique dealers to be found in the Preston area, to revamp your home in line with the latest trends.

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