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March 2, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

While technology from the last few decades would not typically hold associations with antiques, Finance Talks recently published an article that examined the video game industry’s equivalent of antiques trade gems such as Victorian balloon back dining chairs and pedestal desks.

Of the rare and potentially valuable ‘antique’ video games discussed in the article, Pepsi Invaders could strike some people as the most curious. As a game developed for the Atari 2600 by Coca-Cola for a sales convention it held in 1983, the game uses the formula made famous by Space Invaders – whereby the player assumes control of a craft that skims along the bottom of the screen, firing laser beams at an oncoming horde of enemies above. However, in Pepsi Invaders, rather than fighting against aliens, letters forming the word ‘Pepsi’ slowly drop down the screen.

Another title discussed in the feature was Nintendo Campus Challenge, considered to be a more obscure and perhaps even rarer title – with just a single copy believed to be in circulation. The copy did appear some time ago on eBay and reportedly sold for around $20,000. The game was originally developed to serve solely in a tournament set up for students from 58 colleges across the US. While Nintendo is reported to have destroyed copies of the game following the tournament, a student did keep hold of one.

While antique dealers in Preston will be unlikely to have any vintage computer games or home consoles in stock, a reputable firm will have antique tables and other items of furniture to complement and contrast with any piece of vintage gaming gadgetry.

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