22 Apr 2021
October 5, 2020 - Filed under: Auctions — Richard

An antique teapot discovered during the coronavirus lockdown has been sold for £390,000.

Many people spent most of their time at home during lockdown, which presented an ideal opportunity for clearing out unwanted items from the home. During a clear-out, a resident of South Derbyshire found a Chinese-style teapot that he did not think was valuable, but decided there was nothing to lose by submitting it for a free valuation.

Due to pandemic restrictions, the valuation was done via a video he posted online. The valuer identified it as an ewer, an 18th-century wine vessel carrying the mark of the Chinese Emperor Qianlong. It was valued at £20,000 to £40,000.

The ewer was sold at an online auction after a fierce 12-minute bidding battle that resulted in a winning bid of £390,000 – far greater than the original estimate. However, due to it being sold by auction, the winning bidder had to pay additional commissions and fees on top of the winning bid amount.

This is not the only valuable antique discovered at a South Derbyshire free valuation event. In 2017, an 18th-century plate discovered in a kitchen cupboard sold for £230,000, and an Qianlong vase in 2016 fetched a hefty £650,000.

Many Lancashire residents are in full or partial lockdown and are also having a clear-out, although the chances of discovering a valuable antique might be rare. For those who want to acquire more antiques, Lancashire antique dealers sell antique sofas, chests, wardrobes and more to enhance the appearance of any room.

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