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Antique desks, Victorian dining chairs and Georgian commodes – these are just a few examples of the fine furniture you can find in Lancashire antique shops. Most display the LAPADA symbol – the iconic golden chandelier emblem which is the mark of quality, honesty and excellence.

Whether it’s a fine art print or a set of Victorian dining chairs, Preston antique dealers displaying the LAPADA symbol are giving their customers a definite message: that they are one of only 600 dealerships worldwide who meet the high levels of quality, experience and knowledge necessary to become members of the prestigious Association of Art and Antiques Dealers.

If you’re wondering about the discrepancy in the acronym, the organisation was originally called the London and Provincial Antique Dealers Association. Established in 1974, the name was changed to reflect a growing membership from outside the capital, and the diversity of disciplines covered. It is now the largest and most professionally recognised art and antiques dealers association in the UK, with an additional 50 members located overseas. Between them, members cover every discipline from modern art to ancient antiquities.

Even if it’s only a set of modest Victorian dining chairs, Cumbria antique buyers need to feel confident about the furniture they’re investing in. LAPADA was the first antiques association to introduce a Code of Practice in the industry, which members have to abide by.

For example, a LAPADA antique dealer displaying a set of restored Chippendale Revival Victorian dining chairs in Preston will make sure the label is accurate, that the price reflects the chairs’ true worth, and that the buyer gets a written invoice containing information about the chairs – including the restorations that were done.

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