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May 8, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

A silver antique bracelet which had been lost for more than three decades has been discovered and returned to the family that owned it. In 1936, Emily and Douglas Knapp bought a White Lodge bungalow and lived there until 1985. It’s believed that the jewellery may have been Emily’s engagement bracelet and was lost while gardening. Emily’s son David Knapp was going to collect a bed which his son Andrew had bought from eBay, and was shocked to discover that the address was the home he grew up in.

The current owner of the bungalow, Annie Sherman had sold the property, but was happy to be able to present the bracelet to David before moving out. When the bracelet had been discovered in the garden, Annie had it repaired and stored it in a box, not knowing who the owner was. The initials ER on the bracelet identified Emily, who’s maiden name was Richards. As the bungalow was being sold, Annie wanted to know the history so that she could inform the new owners. She expressed her delight at being able to return the bracelet to its original owners, although the experience was emotional.

David had lived at the bungalow until getting married at the age of 28 and his parents sold the family home when they retired in 1985. The bracelet will be kept for sentimental reasons rather than being sold. Antique dealers have a variety of items which have a rich history, like antique chests. Lancashire has reputable dealers who are able to show a selection of items.

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