16 Apr 2021
September 7, 2015 - Filed under: Antique Cabinets — Harriet

A Sheffield resident who believed his father’s precious war medals had been lost was recently amazed when he discovered them on eBay for sale.

The medals had been left to Stuart Abbott, aged 67, after his father passed away in 2001. Although the family had previously lived in South Africa until that time, they moved back to the UK several years ago, and thought that the medals had been lost during transit or whilst in storage.

Mr. Abbott’s father Fred had fought in Burma and also in France during the World War II conflict. Originally, Fred became a soldier with the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders at the age of 19, before being conscripted to fight in the Second World War as part of the West Yorkshire Regiment. Over the years of battle, he was awarded the War Star, the King George war medal, the Burma Star and a Cameron Highlander service medal that had been engraved with his name, number and rank.

Following the move to England, the family unpacked their possessions around 18 months ago, realising at that time that the medals were missing. Since that time, Stuart has searched for the medals and believed they had been stolen whilst in South Africa. Whilst searching for a Cameroon Highland Bugle, he came across the medals on eBay, and further verification proved that they were his father’s medals. The owner very kindly returned them to Stuart, so he could keep them as part of his family history. As an antiques collector, he may consider purchasing an antique cabinet to display them securely.

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