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On 15th and 16th of October, a macabre collection of antique surgeons tools will appear for sale at an auction house in Massachusetts. The total of four sets of tools used for surgery on the battlefields of the Revolutionary war will be at auction with an estimated value of $30,000 to $50,000 (£19,000 to £32,000).

Dating from 1775, the surgeons tools were thought to be lost, and remained so for over a hundred years before being recently discovered in a New England storage warehouse 20 years ago. The surgeons kits dating from the 18th and 19th centuries belong to an established Boston family of physicians. An amputation set is expected to create interest with collectors of antique medical tools, perfectly preserved with even the dried blood remaining. A label was discovered with the amputation set which read:

“Used during the Revolutionary War by Dr John Warren”

Another amputation set was found in a case made of fish skin, which was presented to Dr John Warren by his brother, General Joseph Warren. Sterilisation wasn’t known to be important at that time, and the instruments all retain prominent signs of heavy use. In 1782 after surviving the war, Dr John Warren became the first Professor of Anatomy and Surgery at Harvard Medical school.

Although of extreme interest and historical value, a number of people prefer to collect fine pieces of furniture or paintings, which can be displayed in the home and provide practical use. For instance, you will discover a range of Victorian dining chairs in the Lancashire area of the United Kingdom, which provide historical interest, beauty and value.

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