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January 14, 2014 - Filed under: Antique Cabinets — Harriet

A Madoura plate designed by Picasso has recently been discovered in Boise, in the US state of Idaho.

The owner took the plate to filming of the Antiques Roadshow and was told by an expert that the item had soared in value since it was made. The plate had spent years hanging above a kitchen stove.

An expert in pottery, silver and European antique furniture, Stuart Slavid was presented with the oval plate towards the end of the day. The owner had bought the plate in 1970 for $100 to add to her collection. The plate was put up on display in the kitchen and gradually became covered in layers of grease.

Designed by famed artist Picasso, the plate was marked as number 23 out of 100 made – although it isn’t certain that 100 plates were actually produced. It was made in 1955 and, during the last five years, the demand and value of Picasso ceramics has soared.

While at an antiques gallery, the owner discovered that the plate may have been valuable – although they were still unaware of what it could be worth. Stuart Slavid estimated that the plate may sell at auction between $10,000 (£6,100) and $15,000 (£9,000).

In many cases, antiques like ceramics and furniture are purchased for their beauty alone, often used in the home for years before owners discover their true value. Lovers of rare or antique plates often consider purchasing an antique cabinet to keep their collections safe from grease and dust. Blackburn in the UK has a selection of pieces available to view.

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