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Juan Gutierrez learned the art of restoring antique furniture while living in California. After moving to Northwest Houston, and opening his family business he has said that he will continue with antique restoration work until the day he dies.

J & G Antique Furniture Restoration is a family business, with both of Juan’s sons learning the trade. The family are used to all kinds of antiques being brought into the store, from a family heirloom which requires polishing to furniture which is over 100 years old and falling to pieces. Gutierrez prides himself on being able to restore anything, providing it is antique.

According to Gutierrez, the oldest piece that he restored dated to 1680, he enjoys restoring the antiques back to their former glory, giving fresh life to antique furniture. He said:

“Antique pieces need to look like they have some wear and tear, but they also need to look beautiful. It is so satisfactory seeing the final result.”

Many of the customers are locally based, but Gutierrez will travel as far as California to tend loyal customers. The antiques brought in for restoration or polishing have sentimental value for customers and special care is taken when working on them. After restoration, customers occasionally express great emotion as they see the finished piece. Gutierrez will show a customer how to care for antiques after restoration.

Finding an antiques dealer and restorer is important if you collect antique furniture or other pieces. You will find a number of reputable antiques dealers in the UK, who restore and sell a variety of items. For instance, you will find a number of dealers with a selection of antique bookcases in Preston and the surrounding area.

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