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November 12, 2013 - Filed under: Antique Clocks — Harriet

A collector of antiques recently stumbled upon a grandfather clock that was made by a distant relative more than two centuries ago.

Allan Scurr was paying a visit to his local antiques dealer when he spotted an old clock which, upon closer inspection, he saw was engraved with his own surname.

A resident of Toowoomba in the Queensland region of Australia, Allan has been interested in antiques since his teenage years and often spends time at his local dealer, looking for antique furniture or other items of interest.

When he spotted his name on the clock, he was shocked and wondered if it could have been made by a relative. The item, which was originally discovered in England by the shop’s owner, had been crafted in 1790 by a man named Richard Scurr.

Having spoken to his uncle, who is familiar with the family’s history, Allan found out that he was related to the grandfather clock’s maker.

Scurr’s father had also been in the trade, so it appears that it may have been a family tradition at some point in history. The dealer believes that the maker of the antique clock could have been a great uncle.

Once Allen knew that the piece had been made by a family member, it was purchased and delivered to his home. Browsing antiques can be full of surprises, as people never know what treasures will be uncovered. Old clocks are often best complemented with items from the same period – particularly antique bookcases. In Lancashire, reputable dealers are on hand to relate the history behind any of the items they sell.

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