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August 24, 2020 - Filed under: Antiques News — Harriet

A man walked into a Massachusetts antique shop and gave customers a performance on an antique piano, before leaving without anyone knowing who he was. The store owner managed to trace him and gave him the piano as a gift.

Customers in the shop raved about the man playing the rock hit ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ on the antique Steinway piano. The performance was filmed by a customer and uploaded to social media, where it received 360,000 Twitter views.

However, the man wore a COVID-19 facemask whilst playing, which made it difficult to recognise him. The shop owner, Mark Waters, enlisted the help of a local television station, who made an appeal to trace the mystery pianist. Waters announced that he would be happy to gift the piano to him.

The appeal worked, as the mystery pianist’s girlfriend saw it and revealed that he was John Archer, a 23-year-old student. When the shop owner confirmed that the piano was a gift, Archer said:

“These pianos go for like thousands of dollars, even the older models. I definitely cannot turn that down! This will be the first piano I’ve ever owned. It’s amazing – the weight of the keys is perfect.”

The only problem was how to get the piano up to John Archer’s apartment on the fourth floor, and another appeal was made to help to deliver the piano to him.

An antique piano may be found amongst the antique sofas, chests and chairs sold by Lancashire antique dealers, however, customers shouldn’t expect it to be free, no matter how well they play.

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