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A Nottingham man is living very happily in a home reminiscent of the 1920s, complete with Victorian grocers and an antique till.

Peter Saunders has invested his life savings, £10,000, into the renovation of his four bedroom semi-detached home, and also added a grocery store. However, he does admit to using modern technology, like a fridge freezer and central heating, although they are not visible. Each room has been decorated in true Victorian style, with antique bedroom furniture and other trinkets filling each room.

Saunders spent six years completing the renovation, but has now transformed his dining room into an authentic replica of the grocers, which existed in his home until the ‘20s. Saunders even managed to source an antique till, packaging and a shop window to complete the transformation.

Following some research, Saunders discovered the original owner was called William Robinson and used to be a miner. Although the owners ran a grocery shop at the house, it was a shoe store prior to that. The house may also have been a sweet shop during the ‘70s.

Saunders moved into his home in 2004, and started collecting Victorian antiques and memorabilia. Now, he runs tours of his home for other fans who have an interest in the Victorian period. He adds that he loves the Victorian era because furniture was made to last. Collectors still buy antique furniture from the Victorian era, along with other periods, often discovered in reputable antique stores.

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