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February 8, 2012 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

A man in Canada is selling his collection of antique porcelain to raise money for a fund named in honour of his grandson.

Ed McKay has spent many years accumulating his collection of antique collectibles. However, the cups and plates which once graced his antique dining table are being auctioned off for a cause that’s close to his heart. 14 years ago, his new-born grandson Spencer almost died. But thanks to the stalwart efforts of the staff at the IWK Health Centre, Halifax, he is now a robust teenager, with a fund named after him for the families of children undergoing treatment at the hospital.

Now, to swell the coffers a little more, Ed is auctioning off his beloved antique collection lock, stock and barrel. A local newspaper is helping by urging readers to empty out their antique cabinets and donate or sell unwanted items to further boost the fund.

Antiques are regularly sold at auction to raise money for good causes. A recent museum exhibition hosted by Sotheby’s was followed by an auction of antique furniture and fine arts, raising tens of thousands for charity, while an upcoming episode of Cash in the Attic features a couple who want to sell off their valuables in the name of a good cause.

Sadly, many antique desks and Victorian dining chairs in Lancashire homes are only inherited after the owners have died, often ending up unloved in the garage. A better idea would be to sell them through an antique dealer – the Ribble Valley has a few to choose from – and donate the proceeds to the loved one’s favourite charity.

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