02 Jul 2020
May 28, 2018 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — David

In a recent episode of the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, a man brought an antique Colt 37 revolver for valuation and was stunned by how much expert Bill Harriman valued it at.

The man purchased the firearm for £150, 40 years ago. Harriman said that he had seen very few Colt 37 revolvers in his career. Most models are in museums and rarely come up for sale. He said that, as long as the revolver was genuine, it could be worth around £150,000. The crowd let out a gasp at this high valuation, but the only reaction that the stunned owner could make was “Oh well.”

Harriman said that the revolver was the most important firearm ever seen on the Antiques Roadshow. He asked the owner what he wants to do with the revolver, to which he said he was open to offers.

Antique firearms are a specialist sector of the antique market. The law says that if a firearm is used for “curiosity and ornament” the owner does not need a firearms licence, but if the gun owner also has live ammunition they may need a firearms licence. The Antiques Roadshow valuation shows that rare firearm items can be extremely valuable.

Antique firearms may be hard to come by in Lancashire antique shops, but you can expect to see fine examples of inlaid Edwardian furniture, Victorian mahogany dining tables and other popular antique items. If you do collect antique guns, you will could find an antique cabinet to display your collection.

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