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April 11, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

Mention ejector seats, vintage cricket kits, antique cabinets for drinks concealed inside globes or vintage licence plates and around half the population’s pulse starts racing, and their antennas are set on high alert.

‘Mantiques’ are the latest trend in the world of antiques. To many men, the above are what they would include on a list of highly desirable and lusted after items to be acquired or collected. They are among the items being hunted by the newest generation of male collectors. Homes decorated with the belongings of fighter pilots, British Empire heroes, or Grand Tour items are high on the list of top ‘mantiques’.

Ben Pentreath, an architectural designer, shopkeeper and collector of old maps, said:

“It is a trend with a long history. There have always been cabinets of curiosities and natural history collections. Men have never stopped collecting. We’re just seeing the modern version.”

To further explain this modern more widespread fervour, Pentreath added:

“Look around the Abercrombie and Fitch store, Ralph Lauren and the latest Hilfiger clothing ads. There’s a public school aesthetic in fashion that’s visible on the high street now. It’s OK to be into expeditions and sport – we’re all interested in Ranulph Fiennes’s expedition.”

James Perkins is a collector who has led the way in a precise ‘mantiques’ style which he describes as Modern Grand Tour – comprising a masculine assortment of space travel artefacts, classical sculpture plaster casts and globes.

Collecting ‘mantiques’ need not be expensive, so visit one of the antique furniture dealers in Preston to see what is on offer.

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