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January 7, 2010 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

Gothic revival antique furniture may be due for a serious comeback with celebrities like Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham dalliancing with all things Goth. At last month’s British Fashion Awards reported recently in the Independent, both celebrities wore gothic black dresses with long trains to emulate the Goth look.

Other indications of a gothic resurgence recently have come from the interiors industry where Channel Four have introduced a gothic focus to the latest Big Brother House. It would seem that anything macabre is ‘in’ at the moment and Channel Four producer Shirley Jones admits to being influenced by Sartre’s line ‘Hell is other people’, which aptly fits the tensions that often exude from the Big Brother House. The idea for incorporating gothic style furnishings into room designs is to create chilling spaces to make contestants feel uncomfortable. The kitchen has the coldness of a morgue with institution green paint on the walls plus plenty of stainless steel and pickling jars. The sitting room however delves more deeply into the psyche of the Victorian gothic by incorporating sumptuous velvet sofas, stuffed animal heads and antique furniture to make the whole reminiscent of a gentlemen’s club.

Other celebrities like Russell Brand have also flirted with all things gothic, but he admitted to being rather intimidated by a particular room in his former London home.

The Goth subculture encompasses many different styles from deathrock and punk, to as far back as Victorian, Renaissance and Medieval styles. Examples of Victorian Gothic Revival antique furniture encapsulating the latter three styles can be found in many antique furniture dealerships in Preston, Lancashire and London.

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