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May 12, 2012 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — David

Those interested in antique cabinets and antique desks had a full evening on Wednesday 2nd May, as two superb new documentaries aired on BBC 2 and BBC 4.

Both documentaries sought to educate viewers beyond what items might be worth at auction. First there was Antiques Uncovered, which aired on BBC2 at 8pm, and straight after this came Metalworks! at 9pm on BBC 4. Both were also shown in HD, and are currently available on BBC iPlayer.

Anyone in Lancashire with an antique cabinet full of silverware was in for a treat, as both programmes covered this subject in detail. Antiques Uncovered was devoted to the subject of entertaining through dinner parties. We witnessed how the beautiful antique dining chairs of Thomas Chippendale were made, and the influence they had on later Victorian dining chairs . The programme also examined silverware, covering hall marking, Victorian fakes and the economical sense of buying silver-plate instead of solid silver for your antique dining table .

Metalworks! The Golden Age of Silver devoted the entire hour to the silversmithing industry, with Dan Cruickshank describing the fascination our Georgian and Victorian forebears had with this precious shimmering metal, which represented indulgence, wealth and exquisite craftsmanship. As with the previous programme, viewers were treated to a succession of sumptuous antiques, displayed at stately homes, museums and factories across the British Isles.

If you want Georgian silverware for your own antique dining table, an antique dealer in Preston will be able to help.

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