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The three detectives of the Metropolitan Police art and antiques unit have been redeployed to the Grenfell Tower fire investigation. The Met has said that the closure of the unit is temporary, but some in the antiques trade fear that it may not reopen.

Museums, auction houses, and dealers liaise with the antiques unit to make sure that goods that they handle are not stolen. The unit also investigates art and antiques that appear to have been forged. Their investigations have resulted in a number of convictions and the unit has helped prevent looted antiques being sold in the Middle East to fund terrorism.

The detectives working for the art and antiques unit have a reputation for being dedicated and knowledgeable. If they were permanently deployed this could negatively affect the antiques trade.

The Met has stated that although the art and antique detectives have been moved to other duties, the police are committed to investigating any crimes related to art and antiques.

When buying antique furniture in Lancashire , reputable dealers check the provenance of all their furniture. In your home, there are a number of ways to protect your antique chairs, desks, and tables etc. They can be tagged with chemical or DNA markers so that they can be traced if stolen.

Objects can be listed at The Arts Loss Register, a database that establishes ownership, and lists antiques and art that has been stolen. Dealers often refer to the registry when establishing ownership of goods that are offered to them for sale.

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