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September 23, 2009 - Filed under: Antiques News — David

The untimely and controversial death of superstar Michael Jackson has created a resurgence in the collection of pop memorabilia, and anything linked directly to him in particular has taken on iconic status. An example of this was Jackson’s black fedora hat valued at £25,000 recently by an Antiques Roadshow team at Somerleyton Hall. He had famously thrown the hat from the window of his Mayfair hotel. The eventual owner of the hat had won it in a tabloid newspaper competition in 1991 and had no idea that it was worth so much until she had it valued at the Roadshow. She also said that everyone at the show wanted to touch the hat.

So why had this hat taken on this iconic almost holy relic status, and what is its future as an investment for the owner? There was certainly a large amount of controversy that surrounded Michael Jackson for most of his life and also over his death. His popularity as a singer/songwriter and performer has transcended three generations. The Sixties generation remembers him as an adolescent singing with the Jackson Five, then the Thriller and Bad generations of the Eighties, and the Michael of the past 10-15 years who has been dogged by press coverage over his Peter Pan fixation, friendships with young boys and his increasingly changing appearance.

So as the life of Michael Jackson continues to unravel and any artefacts associated with him make strong returns at auction, perhaps it is talent as well as controversy that play a part in ensuring the longevity of any investment.

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