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An Italian company has renovated a Swiss home using its own style to give it an older, more antique look.

Studio Peregalli is a design firm based in Milan, Italy that specialises in patinare, which it defines as the process of creating the illusion that a house is much older than it is.

The craftsmen employed by Studio Peregalli stain, scrape wax surfaces and soil walls to create the illusion that a home is very old. To complete the effect, they add antique furniture. Every room they work on looks as if it has been around for centuries. If a house has a history, the company wants to invoke the feel of this.

The studio recently worked on a Swiss home in the Lower Engadine valley, which was built in the 19th century. The house was in disrepair and had uncompleted modernisation work. The firm decided to re-create a 17th century home. A wood-panelled library was constructed, complete with 700 leather-bound books from the 17th to 19th century. Bathrooms were crude in the 17th century, so more modern 19th-century bathroom fittings were installed. The study area is heated by a 16th-century majolica stove.

Furniture in the house dates from the 17th century and was sourced by the designers from auction houses in Paris as well as in Germany and Italy.

Many people buy antique chairs, sofas and wardrobes from Lancashire antique dealers to add a period look to a room. Few go as far as Studio Peregalli by ageing their homes to look centuries old, but antiques can help to reverse time in your home.

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