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March 26, 2012 - Filed under: Antiques News — David

A £300,000 cache of antique jewellery and other rare valuables accidentally discovered by police in Scotland would grace any antique cabinet, but Lancashire viewers aren’t likely to see them popping up on Real Deal any time soon.

Police in Dumbarton are trying to trace the owners of a mystery cache of jewellery and antiques, discovered during a recent police operation. The rarity and value of the haul makes the average Victorian mahogany partners desk look tame in comparison: a diamond-encrusted Rolex, £1,200 South African Kruggerand coins, and various pieces of gold jewellery studded with precious gems. Detectives are hoping to trace the original owners of the items, many of which are unique and possibly custom-made.

One of the most unusual pieces was an exquisite ruby and sapphire-encrusted gold pendant, shaped like a grand piano. The description matches something you might find in the antique desk of a Cumbrian billionaire: a keyboard made from the smallest of pearls, and a lid that springs open to reveal fine golden strings and even more pearls and rubies. Officers say it was probably a bespoke, one-off item, created for a presumably extremely wealthy owner.

The police have stated that the diversity of the haul means the items belonged to several different people. Many are fashioned from gold more usually associated with Arabic and Asian jewellery and so far police enquiries have taken them as far abroad as Hong Kong. The circumstances behind the find have not been revealed, but Dumbarton police have confirmed the person in possession of the goods is known to them.

If you have valuable old jewellery lurking in your antique desk, a Preston antique dealer will probably suggest you get it valued, photographed and insured.

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