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Mirror repairer finds part of a long-lost Lancashire family history

Adam Giddins, the owner of a gallery in Longbridge near Preston, was recently asked to repair an antique mirror. In the back of the mirror, he unearthed a lost photograph from the Victorian era of a Thomas Thompson with his horse Pink.

Giddins suspected that the photograph was a lost family memento. After some research, he tracked down Thomas Thomson’s great-grandson William. William, from Inskip near Preston, had never seen his great grandfather or his horse Pink. He remarked that Thomas looked like his father, and stood in the same way.

The owner of the mirror, Margaret Cookson, was happy to give the photograph to William, who has hung it at the bottom of his stairs to remind him every day of his great grandfather and his horse.

Giddins, the owner of Longridge Art & Framing, says he often finds items hidden in the back of old mirror and picture frames he is asked to repair. These can be old photographs, artwork or newspaper cuttings. While these items may not be financially valuable, like the photo of Thomas Thompson and his horse Pink, they can have sentimental value and can help fill in lost family history.

When you purchase an antique desk or antique sofa at a Lancashire antique shop, you probably will not find hidden treasure inside a desk drawer or at the back of the sofa. Usually, the antique furniture will be empty, but the world of antiques does often spring surprises.

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