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The Washington Connecticut Antiques Show is returning to the Bryan Memorial Town Hall in October for the 25th consecutive year. The event, which is held to raise funds for the Gunn Memorial Library and Museum will introduce the concept of modern antiques.

The three chairman have decided that although antiques are generally considered to be dated nineteenth century and earlier, objects from the 20th century are now over a hundred years old, and therefore considered antique. The chairmen have made the decision to include representation from that period in time.

The organisers of the annual event have been quick to recognise that younger people are displaying an interest in antiques, both as dealers and collectors. Although a piece of furniture dating back to the early 1900s may not be a valuable museum piece, it is certainly an antique and will possibly conjure up memories of early childhood for some.

The meeting rooms in the town hall will be divided up into sales booths for vendors, both returning and new vendors. The more modern antiques will be displayed on the upstairs balcony. Mr Morton, one of the chairmen said:

“We’re going to have less of a focus this year on the dark brown antique furniture with that older look. We’re trying to come into the 21st century. We have to admit that younger people, the 35-year-olds, are not so interested in Chippendale.”

If you are interested in ‘modern’ antiques like Victorian dining chairs , Lancashire has a host of antiques dealers who have a selection of fine pieces.

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