02 Jul 2020
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Modern technology is rarely associated with antiques, but that is changing.

PresTop is a Netherlands company that supplies large format touchscreens mainly used to show a business’s products and services. It recently demonstrated the installation of a touchscreen in an antique table.

The company is developing the technology for use by museums or art galleries to provide an innovative form of giving information to visitors, having already installed one in the Openluchtmuseum in the Netherlands. The table has a custom-made glass plate that is touch sensitive, possibly making it the world’s first antique interactive table.

It is unlikely that interactive antique tables will be sold for domestic use, so you will not find one in your local Lancashire antique shop. What could be useful for antique buyers is 3D scanning and virtual reality. Several companies offer 3D scanning services, which create a 3D image of objects that can then provide interactive 360° views. Some antique dealers use this technology so that antique buyers can visualise antiques before they visit the shop.

Lithodomos VR is a company that creates virtual reality views of ancient sites. With a VR headset, people can see how Rome looked 2,000 years ago. The company is planning to create virtual tours of old buildings complete with their antique furniture and fittings.

Computer technology will never replace the experience of buying an antique desk in a Lancashire antique shop, but virtual and augmented reality could help visualise how the desk will look in your home.

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