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August 12, 2014 - Filed under: Antiques News — David

An exhibition of antique fishing lures has opened in Morristown, New York, featuring lures that have unique designs, colours and shapes.

The event, which is running for two weeks from August 6th, is being held at the Morristown Gateway Museum and displays collections from enthusiasts in the region. One of the most unusual is a lure that moves just like a real frog, which has hinged joints and was hand sewn during the 1940s.

The Paw Paw Wattafrog belongs to Shannon Demers, a collector of antique fishing lures from Ogdensburg. According to Demers, the frog-shaped fishing lure was used to bait pike and bass. Other collectors will join Demers to exhibit their unique assortments of fishing lures, some of which were made during the 1880s.

Museum trustee Gary R. Alford organised the exhibition, as he believes that the antique fishing gear demonstrates the creativity, craftsmanship and culture of the region, with many of the lures being everyday items in a fishing tackle box 100 years ago. The antique lures are categorised as folk art according to Alford, who commented:

“I enjoy folk art and I enjoy fishing and the natural combination of the two is antique fishing lures.”

The exhibition will also feature antique lures crafted by W.D. Chapman, in what Alford describes as one of the world’s best collections. According to the trustee, some of the lures are unusual, while others are a work of art.

Collections of vintage items like these are often displayed to their advantage in French ormolu mounted cabinets, where they are easily viewed. Preston is just one area that has suitable display units.

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