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An 80 year old man from Duncansville, in the US state of Pennsylvania, is believed to own the most comprehensive collection of golf tees in the world. His collection has earned him the nickname of Mr. Tee among his collector friends. Lee Crist took an interest in golf when he was working as a caddy at 12 years old. Around 40 years ago, he was introduced to the Golf Collectors Society while in Florida by a golfing friend. As Crist wanted to know more about the society, he attended the collector’s annual convention. The golf memorabilia that was displayed at the convention left Crist stunned.

Crist decided to collect just one type of golf item, the tee. He met two men at the convention who were already collectors of golf tees and they encouraged him to do so. The last 40 years have seen Crist visiting flea markets, antique stores and golfing trade shows to discover new tees. He soon learned about the history of golf tees and collected just about every type that there has ever been. When his two collector friends passed away, he gained some of their collections. His collection of golf tees has now become famous in golfing circles worldwide – his only problem now is finding something different.

When people collect furniture, they may also decide to collect just one type of item from a collection, like antique desks. Lancashire has a number of dealers who have various types of antiques desk, and may be able to offer something new for a collection.

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