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August 13, 2011 - Filed under: Antique Desks — Richard

The Museums Association have published the results of a recent survey of 140 museums across the United Kingdom. The survey is the first to be published since the spending review was introduced by the coalition government. More than 20 percent of the museums surveyed have suffered as a result of the spending cuts, losing a quarter of their budget. This has forced 22 percent to reduce their opening hours and just under a third to reduce the number of education staff.

The museums that have suffered a reduction in budget, 85 percent have had to reduce staffing levels, while two thirds have reduced the number of public events. Some museums which were previously free to the public, now have admission charges. These include the Russell Cotes museum in Bournemouth and Aston Hall, a Jacobean mansion. The director of the Museums Association, Mark Taylor the museums which have had their budgets cut by 25 percent are facing catastrophe. He said:

“The survey shows it is a myth that you can cut funding without affecting front line services. People throughout the UK will have less access to the learning, inspiration and enjoyment that museums bring.”

Museums are a valuable resource for the public, who want to view antiques and collectibles from another era. As spending cuts take hold on museums, it is still possible to cherish antique furniture by visiting one of the fine antique dealers to be found in Lancashire and other areas of the UK. A reputable dealer will have a range of pieces available for your perusal, from antique jewellery to antique desks and dining chairs.

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