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A house which has been frozen in time since 1932 was left to the National Trust in 1990. The Trust has preserved the property and is keen to attract interest from the younger generation.

The house on Blyth Grove in Worksop, near Sheffield, was bought in 1923 by William Straw Sr. and he lived there with his wife and two sons.

In 1932, Straw died at the age of 68 and left his widow and sons heartbroken. As a result, the house was left untouched and remains that way today. When the mother of Walter and William Jr. passed away in 1939, the sons left her bedroom untouched. Following the death of William Jr. – who didn’t leave an heir – the house was left to the National Trust, which has preserved the property. The house has been opened to the public, with furniture spanning over 100 years and without modern conveniences. The Victorian furniture and other items have remained where their owners left them. The property offers a glimpse into how some wealthier families used to live. The antique kitchen is a stark contrast to a modern kitchen today, with a pantry, butler’s sink and a stove with an old iron that would have been warmed on top of the cooker.

There are tours around the property that give an idea of the life of Walter Jr. Antique furniture from around the same period, like Edwardian and Victorian dining chairs , can still be discovered at reputable antique stores. Preston has a number of dealers that have antique furniture for sale.

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