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February 24, 2011 - Filed under: Victorian Dining Chairs — Richard

Popular daytime show House Gift is back. Each week, a team of interior design gurus – at least one of whom is an antiques expert – select three individual pieces to enhance someone’s home. Budgets are set at £200, £500 and £1000 – with the householder being allowed to keep just one item. The trouble is, they’re not allowed to know what it cost until after they’ve chosen. House Gift turns the whole strategy of TV antiques shows on its head. For once, it’s the experts rather than the public who are “on trial.” The show selects homes with a “décor dilemma”, and the experts then have to use their budgets to select what they feel the home is most in need of, with hopefully the most expensive item being the one that wins. Unfortunately, entrants can only be selected from the M25, Oxford or Liverpool areas at present, though as time goes on the series may expand to include Lancashire.

Antique desks are definitely more to the fore than IKEA flatpacks here. Teams are headed by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, and include a host of names from the TV antiques world – such as Tom Keane, who is a master in the art of selling antique desks. Cumbrian viewers will recognise him as the auctioneer in such programs as Cash in the Attic, Bargain Hunt and Dickinson’s Real Deal. Other names from the antiques trade include Gillian Anderson Price and Philip Chklar.

You might not be lucky enough to have Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen furnishing your home with Victorian dining chairs , but Preston antique dealers will always have a House Gift to match your budget.

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