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July 19, 2012 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Harriet

A six-part series has put a new spin on the current craze for antiques and collectibles by examining 50 of the most important historical objects to have been discovered in recent years. These were not antique chests filled with family memorabilia, but ancient artefacts predating even the oldest antique chests.

Some people in Cumbria may think of a Victorian oak pedestal desk as being old, but this would be a modern piece of furniture compared to the ancient relics dug up out of the ground each day. TV historian Bettany Hughes estimates that around 90,000 of these artefacts are found in the UK each year, some of them hundreds of thousands of years old. In the new ITV show, “Britain’s Secret Treasures”, she and Michael Buerk present 50 of the best, aided by experts from the Council of British Archaeology and the British Museum. The six episodes will be shown each evening from Monday 16th to Friday 20th July, with the last one on Sunday 22nd July.

Anyone with an 18th Century antique cabinet in their Lancashire home will probably know of the Grand Tour, in which cabinets were filled with ancient treasures pilfered by young bloods travelling through the Continent. They were blissfully unaware that we had priceless artefacts of our own here in Britain, such as the Silver Viking Hoard found in the Vale of York or the Crosby Garrett Roman helmet discovered in Cumbria.

Antique chests can be an ideal way to store your own personal treasures and can be picked up at reasonable cost from antique dealers in Lancashire.

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