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May 5, 2012 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — David

Antiques Road Trip featured furniture expert James Lewis selling a tatty antique cabinet at a Cumbrian auction; unfortunately, he just about broke even, while a Victorian longcase clock purchased from the same dealer sold with some success.

Antiques Road Trip has experts in the antiques business competing against one another, seeing who can make the most profit at auction with items purchased from dealers along the way. On Thursday 26th April, enthusiasts David Harper and James Lewis took the long route from Belfast to Kendal and hoped to get a few bargains by targeting out-of-the-way antiques shops. In Scotland, David found himself forced to fight hard to whittle down the price on a Victorian writing slope – a kind of portable antique desk. At the Cumbrian auctioneers in Kendal, the final sum only reached the price he originally paid for it – amounting to a loss when the seller’s commission and other fees were added.

Later, James took a shine to an attractive bow-fronted corner cabinet, but a close inspection quickly revealed mouldings were missing, amongst other damage. All the same, he ended up putting £70 on the table, as it meant he acquired a granddaughter clock for the knock-down price of £250. Later, the clock did do well at auction, but the antique cabinet struggled to make £75 – again, a loss when commission was taken into account.

Whether enthusiasts are buying or selling an antique cabinet in Cumbria, they are better off going to a reliable antique dealer rather an auctioneer.

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