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November 13, 2012 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

Bill D’Anjolell, who was forced to cancel a meeting of the Bucks County Antiques Dealers Association after the venue suffered extensive storm damage, said:

“I will remember Sandy for a very, very long time.”

Elsewhere, the impact on the antiques trade was even more devastating, with entire businesses lost and thousands of dollars-worth of Victorian balloon backed dining chairs and other fine furniture destroyed. Sandy had dropped to the status of post-tropical storm by the time it made landfall at Atlantic City (of Boardwalk Empire fame), but a unique combination of factors – including an unprecedented swell caused by a full moon at high tide – gave it the power to do considerable damage, not least to the shoreline of New York Harbour.

The storm was most keenly felt in smaller towns like Hoboken, New Jersey. Located on the opposite bank to the aptly-named Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, it is home to a number of antique dealers, one of whom lost everything to the storm.

The dealer observed that everything was “completely destroyed” as he surveyed the antique furniture store which had been his only source of income for the past six years.

He and his partner attempted to rescue some of the more valuable items, which included a $12,000 bedroom suite, but were forced to retreat to an upstairs office as the waters rose.

Storms and flooding are common in areas like Cumbria, and a Victorian balloon back dining chair can be unsalvageable following water damage. Antique dealers and owners alike should always have specialist antiques insurance, just in case the unforeseeable happens.

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