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October 26, 2010 - Filed under: Antique Tables,Antiques News — David

There are many reasons for buying Victorian antique dining chairs in Lancashire . Aesthetic value, quality of workmanship being top of the list. However, many beautiful antique dining chairs in Preston’s showrooms are being overlooked. Like Victorian dining tables, people don’t see the need to buy something they might not use. Fewer people than ever are sitting down to eat together these days – one reason some Lancastrians are less healthy than their Victorian ancestors.

However, all this could change. Science Daily, the online science magazine, has reported that eating as a family, around a dining table, can lead to lasting digestive health in later life. The study, conducted by the University of Minnesota, looked at the eating habits of 1,500 students, from high school until the age of 20, to see how taking meals as a family affected quality, structure, frequency, and enjoyment of meals.

It wasn’t recorded whether the youngsters interviewed sat on modern or antique dining chairs, but the research made interesting reading. Students who took traditional meals with their families when young were much more likely to eat fruit, vegetables and other nutrient-rich foods, and drink less sugary soft drinks, as adults. They were also more likely to eat home-prepared food, rather than takeaways or convenience meals. It’s expected they would pass these traits on to their own offspring.

In Lancashire and Preston, Victorian antique dining chairs and tables are easy to find at antique dealers – and far nicer to look at than their modern counterparts. So take a tip from your great-grandparents – and start eating as a family again.

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