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June 7, 2013 - Filed under: Antique Clocks — Harriet

Summit County Probate Court, in the US state of Ohio, is due to hold an auction so that the antique furniture, clocks and artwork can be sold to raise funds for upgrades to the court, which includes a new carpet and data system. Until Judge Bill Spicer retired two years ago, 27 antique clocks were placed throughout the court. Antique roll top desks and antique chairs adorn the rooms in the court. However, Elinore Marsh Stormer, the Probate Judge, wants to give the community the chance to reclaim its antiques and raise money for essentials.

Stormer has taken the practical view of providing the workforce with equipment and furniture that they need. The roll top desks are sat idle, while desks that can hold a computer are placed next to them. According to the Judge, the 27 clocks have to be wound up each day, which is time consuming. One member of staff, George Wertz, said that the clocks caused a distraction when they chimed. Some of art has already been removed due to being damaged by water leakage. Tom Cardone, the Deputy Court Administrator, said that some of the items could be used elsewhere, including printers and computers. However, the antiques are valuable and should be given back to the community.

Although it is possible to discover good prices at auctions like this, which will take place in Ohio on 27th June, residents of the UK will find just as many bargains – including antique desks in Preston and the surrounding areas – where experts are happy to show a variety of pieces.

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